More About Me

I have been teaching for 10 years from Pre-K 3’s to Kindergarteners (for 4 years). I work in a private Christian school where I teach the PM Kindergarten. In the mornings, I am the School Librarian and lead Storytime specials for all classes.

motivational-teaching-quotes-4 I love teaching but most of all I love teaching about books. Books are like candy to me and I just can’t stop at one. My favorite outing is a Book Fair. I could buy every book in it and still want more. It was one of my utmost joys to put together the School Library. With donations from parents, used book sales and Book Fair credits, we now have over 4000 books in our Library.

As such, my greatest joy at school has been sharing what I’ve learned  with the others on staff, especially those who are just starting out.  The greatest compliment I can get is someone running with an idea I gave them. I am all about collaboration and feel I always have something to learn. In fact, I suggested to my director that all teachers should spend one day in another classroom, observing (not criticizing, of course). I love taking a peek in other teachers’ rooms and have gotten some of my best ideas that way.

Teacher-Quotes-The-best-teachers-teach-from-the-heart-not-from-the-book.Teaching is a hard job – almost as hard as motherhood (or parenthood…sorry, guys!). We need to support each other because…let’s face it…sometimes it’s a thankless job. That’s why I started this blog – to pass on what I’ve learned from other bloggers and celebrate what we do. I owe a lot to so many bloggers out there and I’d like to say thank you here . You gave me support and hope during my hardest teaching days (remind me to tell you about my first hour teaching or my first year in Kindergarten).  I can’t name all my cyber-mentors here but I hope you’ll check out my Favorite Blogs section.

A little about me personally…My wonderful husband of 27 years is my official “Blog-W&SGreatFalls1 copyMaster” and is such a blessing. I have three wonderful children – Jason, 21 and newly graduated from U of Maryland College Park (Go Terps!) , Sarah & William, both 15 (twins! what a surprise!). I am going through the  “what should I do with my life?” twenty-something years and the “life is so hard” teenage angst years. I also am getting ready for two new drivers in my house, yikes (but that’s my hub’s job…luv you, honey).

I have three dogs – a 9 year old Chocolate Lab, a 5 year old rat terrier and a little black IMG_1178smush of a thing who’s 1 year old and is the smallest dog I’ve ever had. She has to have every toy dog out there in her genes…Chihuahua, Mini Dachsund, Min-Pin…. but I love her and she replaced one of the best dogs I’ve ever had who died to cancer at 5.

I’m also a history, archaeology, Sci-Fi nut who is actually going to London this year!! Whoo-hoo…it’s been my lifelong dream (and one I put on the back burner for so long). My sister gave it to me for my 50th birthday since, well, I can name all the English kings back to William the Conqueror (I know, total geek but my oldest son could recite all the American Presidents at age 6 so it must be something in the genes). Thanks, sis!

Hopefully you’ve gotten to know me a little from this long post. I look forward to giving you some ideas for your classroom or Storytimes.