Valentine, Part Deux

Hey, Guys!

We only had one day of school this week and there was a 2-hour delay on that day. So all my plans for President’s Day and Money Unit have to be shelved and re-done for the upcoming week. My theme will be Pets but I might push that aside and work on Money instead. Stay tuned for more…

I promised to show you my second set of Learning Centers from Valentine’s week and here they are…

Peek at My Week, Part Deux



I created this game with plastic heart boxes I bought at the Dollar Store years ago. I used white office labels to write the equations. Then I created a worksheet for Froggy. The kids had to help him find the path to the mailbox to mail his valentine. The equations on the worksheet are not all correct. They had to use the boxes to solve the puzzle (Each child had 5 boxes) then color the correct boxes. I think they did pretty well!


RED Table


What kid doesn’t like Bingo? Each chose a Bingo card that had numbers from 1 to 29. The caller went around the table…each player had their turn to pick a number card and call out the number. The cards are from our calendar set for February (hence the limit to 29 on our Bingo Cards). The kids had a blast!

Note: I made up 20 of these cards so that the entire class can play together which we did later in the week.

BLUE (and Green) Table


 Aren’t these Valentine Pet bags adorable? All the pieces (except the bag feet…hmm, I’m thinking long thin heart feet now) are heart cutouts. My co-teacher has her kids trace and cutout their own shapes for projects like this but her class is half my size. Because we have 17, I did the cutting to expedite the craft a bit. The kids chose their own designs and we came up with some suprising results (check out the two different colored ears).


That’s it for our Valentine’s celebration. Hope you found some inspiration here today!!



Valentine’s Day, Part One


This is my first blog post and I’m so excited to get this thing up and running. In the past, I’ve relied on other blogs for great ideas…now, I’d like to give back. So CHECK OUT OUR WEEK below. I hope you’ll find something INSPIRING here…

A Sweet Addition…Valentine’s Day

Since January, our school district has had 5 snow days and 3 holidays. In addition, I have been out sick 2 days.  I was so happy to see a full week with no bad weather in the forecast (can’t do much about sick days though).

Boo, Groundhog! We’re ready for Spring here in Virginia (I teach in VA but live in Maryland)!

I needed something cheery to spark the kiddies’ interest so I decided to do my Valentine unit for the whole week. I love hearts and candy and pink and purple and red (my favorite color!).

I teach a half-day Kindergarten so I don’t have as much time with my darlings as you full day-ers have. Therefore, every center has to have maximum “punch”. Usually I combine several large group activities with a set of four Learning Centers that target certain skills. I changed that to eight Learning Centers this week (Set One to be completed on Mon & Tues with Set Two on Wed & Thurs…Friday is Party Day, of course!).

Here they are…

Set ONE:

BLUE Table – Giant Dominos (on the carpet)


The kids loved sitting on the rug and matching the number word to the number of hearts. This is my second time introducing Dominos and my class has not yet gotten the hang of playing a game with them. So I let them go wild with the cards and try to find as many pairings as possible.


YELLOW Table – Sweet Syllable Sort


At this literacy station, the kids had to count the number of syllables for several Valentine words and sort them. They then wrote the word and # of syllables on their recording sheet.

I got the cards and worksheet a few years ago from Caitlin Clabby at Kindergarten Smiles (Valentines Math and Literacy Package). I just cut the Valentine word cards out and glued them to pink butterfly cutouts I found at the Dollar Store. The hearts are doilies to which I added the number 1, 2 & 3 then laminated.


RED Table – Love Letters

BlogRed1S1Another literacy station. The kids had to unscramble each word and glue the matching word. This is a great worksheet because the words are common sight words and not too hard for the kids’ first unscramble.


(NOTE: I honestly do not know where this worksheet came from. My co-teacher Ms. Luann found it and gave me a copy. If this is yours, please let me know and I will be happy to give you credit)

GREEN Table – A Sweet Addition


At this math center, the kids counted the number of dots on each side of the card and recorded the number on a worksheet. They then solved the addition problem by counting all the hearts.


Hope you enjoyed a peek at our first set of Learning Centers. Check back soon for the second set..