A Glimpse at My Day

Today I went over counting strategies with my kiddies. While learning addition facts for each number of the week (we’re at number 7), I noticed the kids were struggling with keeping track of their counting pieces. So I sat them down with a pair of big dice and some Santa and penguin mini-erasers and we reviewed different counting strategies like: point,  scoot, fill (into a container/hand, or scoop as one kid called it), ten frame, and lose (take from a container…one student asked if this was subtraction! Way to go!). Here’s a pix (the ice bag is not part of the activity, ha, ha)…


Tomorrow, we will try out the new FREEBIE that I created…CHRISTMAS CUPCAKES CVC UNSCRAMBLE.


I found these cute mini takeout containers at The Christmas Tree Shop (love, love that place!), numbered them, then popped the letters for each word inside the box. You can also use paper bags, envelopes or Christmas cards, to name a few.

Download this activity by clicking on the image: