A Quick Christmas Tree Craft

Do you have a full class and not much time to help them make a Christmas craft? Here’s a quick and colorful craft they can finish (mostly) on their own!

Today our class made covers for our Christmas Show programs. I came up with this idea using a Christmas tree stencil.


First, I drew a Christmas tree on construction paper and cut it out (from the middle of the paper). Next, I cut strips of different colored tissue paper (about 3/4 to 1 inch wide and about 7 inches long). From clear Contac paper, I cut a piece large enough to cover the tree, then unpeeled the protective layer to reveal the sticky side.


My students laid different strips of tissue paper across the sticky side (I trimmed the ragged ends on either side of their paper afterwards). They then glued (glue stick or school glue, your choice) their Christmas tree cutout on top of theĀ tissue side of the Contac paper. On top of the tree, they glued a star punched out from old Christmas wrapping. On the bottom they added a rectangle piece of brown tissue paper. Et voila! A quick Christmas tree craft, both colorful and seasonal!