10 Books That Help Kids Deal with Anger



HOW DO DINOSAURS SAY I’M MAD? by Jane Yolen & Mark Teague

Unknown-2A classic tale for any dinosaur lovers out there. The authors begin by asking questions about how a dinosaur might act when he’s mad…”Does he roar, slam the door, yell at Mom and Dad?”. The last half of the book demonstrates the right behavior… “Count to ten, breathe calmly, say I’m sorry…” Not too wordy. Great illustrations.



51DWB80DYTL._SY398_BO1,204,203,200_Katie Honors is usually a good kid. She uses self-control most of the time. But sometimes…she’s Bombaloo and explodes. Things go from bad to worse until time passes and something funny happens. Then, Katie Honors becomes herself again. A good book to show that we all explode occasionally and what to do once we calm down.


HOW ARE YOU PEELING by Saxton Freymann & Joost Elffers

Unknown-3How Are You Peeling? is fun, laugh-out-loud book about all types of feelings. You and your child/student will be amazed at the extremely creative ways the authors portray fruits and vegetables. Anger is the bottom of a red pepper.


MAYA WAS GRUMPY by Courtney Pippin-Mathur

61qLAqRoJoL._SY498_BO1,204,203,200_Maya wakes up grumpy and grouches her way through her morning routine until Grandma uses silly suggestions to put a smile on Maya’s face. This is a great book that addresses those days when your child or student wakes up on the wrong side of the bed.



Unknown-1If your child or student hits out when they are angry, this is the book for you. Dr. Agassi illustrates what hands are meant to do and what they are not. I found it useful because she gives ideas for how to use hands when you are angry (squish clay, push against the wall, draw a picture…).


THE WAY I FEEL by Jana Cain

Unknown-5The Way I Feel deals with all emotions from happy to angry but I am adding it to this list because I like what the author says: “I have created The Way I Feel, [as] a book designed to give children the language for their emotions. My hope is that with language, children will be better equipped to understand and express their feelings.” Great reason!


SMILE A LOT! By Nancy Carlson

Unknown-7You can’t help but smile from the start of this book…the frog’s smile on the cover is infectious. Teaches children how to deal with difficult or disappointing situations that might lead to tantrums.


YOU GET WHAT YOU GET by Julie Gassman

Unknown-6Little Melvin always gets his way at home. When he goes to school, he learns a new phrase from the teacher “You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit”. Little by little, he accepts this new rule and tells his parents about it. They decide to adopt it in their home and Melvin is happy. A great book for teaching children to be grateful for what they get.



Unknown-4Love the illustrations in this book. As the title says, Sophie gets really, really angry and explodes. But instead of hitting out, she races outside and runs and runs and runs. Time, physical activity & the outdoors help to calm Sophie. You might have to stress to your child/student that they cannot just run outside though…they will need permission, of course. But maybe another type of physical activity can be a good substitute.


WHEN I FEEL ANGRY by Cornelia Maude Spelman

Unknown-8When I Feel Angry teaches children that it is okay to feel angry but it is not okay to act upon our anger. The author wrote this book to teach parents and teachers how to equip children with the tools needed to manage uncomfortable feelings. Very simple and to the point.


What are some books that you have found helpful when dealing with an angry child? Leave a comment below! I’m always interested in new books!